Things To Look For Before Collecting Items

June 8, 2022 By sysadmin Off

One of my favorite hobbies is collecting things. Although collecting something sounds easy because it is often not realized, but when it starts to collect something there is a certain satisfaction for the collector.

“The things you have will look good and interesting or have historical value, and you can just keep them in a folder or in a cupboard,”.

Davies recounts that he kept all his tax disks since 1960 because he wondered why he should throw them away. Eventually the cassette became a collectible item.

The second step is to have the desire to buy something. For example, when you go somewhere and start looking for something to add to your collection. Davies also said it was at this stage that he started buying tax floppy disks which he found on the discount market.

While the last one, is when someone starts buying things they already own because they want to have a copy. That is, if one day the item is lost, there will be a replacement or because the item is so valuable that it needs a replica.

Davies also advises novice collectors not to think of becoming collectibles as an investment, because not all collectibles have a high value.

“I collected stamps as a child and started again when I grew up. I broke all my rules and started buying stamps not because I liked it, but because people said it would have a high value. But in fact not.”

He added that even when he sold the stamps he only got a quarter of the price he bought. “When you buy for financial reasons, you’re not a collector anymore,” he said.

From the story he also suggested to collect items that are liked because their value to someone is purely for satisfaction. For example, if you like books, you can start collecting them. Or liking various items at once, can also be done because Davies also collects about 20 different items at one time.

“I collect the prime minister’s autographs, memorabilia and first editions of Beatrix Potter, Alfred Wainwright’s letters and pictures and the Lake District guidebook.” But the largest collection is Beatles memorabilia, which has around 2,000 items including lyrics, letters, posters and magazines containing the Beatles.