Month: June 2022

Exhibition History

June 29, 2022 By sysadmin Off

Art exhibitions are activities carried out by artists, either individually or in groups, to convey ideas to the public through art media so that the exhibition can become a means of communication between the artist and the appreciator. Exhibition Purpose Basically, the main purpose of…

Benefits of Collecting Items

June 14, 2022 By sysadmin Off

Have a hobby of collecting certain objects or items? Like bags, shoes, books, and so on? Have a hobby of collecting something at first glance like a waste of money or waste. But it turns out that this hobby can provide benefits and positive effects…

Things To Look For Before Collecting Items

June 8, 2022 By sysadmin Off

One of my favorite hobbies is collecting things. Although collecting something sounds easy because it is often not realized, but when it starts to collect something there is a certain satisfaction for the collector. “The things you have will look good and interesting or have…